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Business Intelligence Solutions

In the Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions space, Inspire Infosol focuses on BI Reports and Data Analytics. Backed by smart analytical tools, BI can help predict, track and present information pertaining to business performance, giving organizations the power to translate large masses of data into actionable information that facilitates decision-making.

In today’s highly competitive and dynamic business environment, organizations need continuous intelligence to identify growth opportunities, streamline costs, improve operational efficiencies, maintain tight Time-to-Market cycles and increase profitability.

BI reports offer a multi-perspective view of data with visualizations that represent different findings and insights. The key benefits arising from such reports are:

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the process of analyzing large blocks of data to draw conclusions about the information they contain, using specialized systems and software. The use of these technologies enables organizations to make better, faster business decisions based on hard facts.

Inspire Infosol offers a variety of services in this domain; these include:

Data Strategy, Management & Architecture

The Data Management Services offered by Inspire Infosol are designed to control, protect and enhance the value of information assets across the client’s organization. Using industry best practices, technology tools and architecture, Inspire can collaborate with the client to create market-specific solution based on the client’s needs and the challenges being faced.

Our Data Management Services include:

The Solutions Approach at Inspire Infosol

Data Rendering & Reporting Solutions

At Inspire Infosol, the Data Rendering and Reporting Solutions utilize structured data in relational, XBRL and XML/JSON formats; the solutions can also work with unstructured data. Our tools are designed for intuitive usage and can be used to run sophisticated queries without the user having any background in SQL coding.

Analytics and Reports can be rendered in a variety of visual formats including bar charts, geographical mapping, heat maps, sparklines and other more detailed and sophisticated formats.

BI Reports

BI Reports can help in transforming data and statistics into actionable knowledge that can be applied to business processes and strategies. Inspire Infosol delivers end-to-end BI services from the definition of requirements through development and deployment to post-implementation support. We help clients unlock the value and hidden potential that lies hidden in data that already exists within the organization.

Our full-cycle services in this domain include:


User-friendly Approach and Work Style:

Inspire Infosol integrates with your team and becomes an extension of your organization, taking complete ownership of the solution development process.

Advanced Design Studio:

Inspire Infosol has a proven track record of delivering creativity and design excellence at par with global standards and benchmarks.

Best-in-Class Technology:

Inspire Infosol has extensive domain expertise in the tech solutions space. This makes us a well-rounded IT solutions and services partner for technology requirements in connection with UI/UX Solutions.


At Inspire Infosol, our experience in data management spans diverse technologies and platforms. Our proficiency in working with open source databases and advanced data platforms enables us to offer end-to-end solutions from organizing data, data governance and storage to processing, integrating and cleaning data for final use.