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Digital Marketing Solutions

Our Digital Marketing Overview

Technology has emerged as the key driver of the Marketing function. At Inspire Infosol, we support Marketing teams with technology that offers several key advantages which include:

Inspire Infosol helps clients in creating digital collateral material, integrating systems, and the implementation of analytics – all of which work towards strengthening the client’s digital marketing initiatives. We also help clients access a wide array of new marketplaces that have emerged: online sales portals, online communities and social websites.


Digital Collateral

The first digital asset that your business requires is a search engine friendly website with the rich, customized content, design and technology. The next outreach would include exclusive web applications or mobile applications based on the market segments the client would like to tap. The next phase looks at enhancing the client’s social presence in the digital space.

CRM Integration

Once the client’s digital properties are ready for customer interaction and engagement, the next step would be to track the sources of leads and the sales transactions that happen online. This is a new relationship with a new set of customers and must be nurtured. Inspire Infosol can help clients understand factors like online buying experience, online loyalty, repeat sales and word-of-mouth referrals from existing customers.

The online space offers enormous opportunities for connecting with both potential customers and existing customers, and to track their emotional connect with the brand and their perception of the reputation of the brand. Inspire Infosol can help in customizing CRM initiatives and integrating them with all digital properties, and supporting them using analytical tools.

Email Marketing

The Email Marketing services offered by Inspire Infosol represent a complete package integrated with design, content, analytics and testing. We help in designing email templates using HTML and Adobe Photoshop. The templates can be customized in terms of email automation and integrated with the CRM platform. Our Project Managers work closely with clients to run effective online campaigns, measure the efficacy of the campaigns, and provide insights for better conversion.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Inspire Infosol helps websites achieve higher rankings for the keywords that have been chosen for optimization. We also help in developing effective keyword strategies. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns are designed not just to improve page ranking but also to facilitate lead generation. We leverage a host of contemporary tech tools like heatmaps, bookmarking, content curation, webmaster tools, etc to ensure that key web pages show up on related searches.

Social Media Marketing

With social media platforms evolving rapidly and growing in popularity, Social Media Marketing (SMM) can go far beyond simple branding and also drive leads, online sales, engagement and recall. For “going viral”, Social Media Marketing is now a tried and tested tool. As part of its SMM services, Inspire Infosol develops, runs and manages campaigns across major social media channels like Facebook, Blogs, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Quora.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing has emerged as a critically important component of SEO and SMM. Inspire Infosol plays a key role in creating an effective content strategy, developing relevant content and distributing it across appropriate channels. This is backed by the building of relevant backlinks and by driving page visibility across Search Engines and Social Media platforms.

Paid Marketing

Paid Marketing activity is directly correlated with immediate sales and is, therefore, a preferred choice for clients focussed on customer conversions. To optimize paid marketing spends Inspire Infosol can help clients by adopting A/B Testing, landing page optimization, lead conversion optimization, etc. Our campaign management team runs paid ads using Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google Distribution Network, LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads, sponsored ads, etc.

Marketing Analytics

The advantage of digital media over traditional media lies in analytics that digital initiatives offer. This data tells you how each marketing channel is performing and which channels are Star Performers versus Underdogs.

Inspire Infosol can help integrate Google Analytics, Mix Panel, Adobe Analytics and other marketing Clouds that provides website analytics and other media analytics, giving clients comprehensive insights into the performance of their digital marketing initiatives.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is steadily increasing in popularity as online audiences start using ad blockers to avoid seeing ads. Inspire Infosol helps clients find influencers relevant to the brand’s target audience. We provide a platform where clients can login for free and discover influencers based on their reach, relevance and resonance.


User-friendly Approach and Work Style:

Inspire Infosol integrates with your team and becomes an extension of your organization, taking complete ownership of the solution development process.

Advanced Design Studio:

Inspire Infosol has a proven track record of delivering creativity and design excellence at par with global standards and benchmarks.

Best-in-Class Technology:

Inspire Infosol has extensive domain expertise in the tech solutions space. This makes us a well-rounded IT solutions and services partner for technology requirements in connection with UI/UX Solutions.