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ERP & CRM Implementation

Inspire Infosol offers SAP and Oracle solutions in the domain of ERP and CRM; our core competence in this area lies in providing our clients with a robust, process-driven approach to the implementation of these solutions.

For many businesses, the transition to ERP/CRM is a challenging process. While ERP/CRM does indeed offer huge advantages like instant access to real-time analytics and business intelligence that can radically transform the organization’s decision-making processes, it can also lead to an overload of data and information that can have a diametrically opposite effect – it can paralyze decision-making.

Is the client accessing the best data? Are they generating the most useful reports? Does the data facilitate effective decision-making? At Inspire, we help our clients answer these questions – and more.

In particular, we help our clients:

Our ERP Implementation Services

Inspire Infosol has developed a multi-stage implementation process that enables clients to optimize their business processes.

Our key focus areas in this service domain are:

Pre-Implementation Support:

We work with the client during the business process improvement phase to define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the reporting strategy in the post-ERP implementation phase.

ERP Project Management:

The Inspire Infosol Project Management Team works closely with the client and their vendors to set in motion a well-defined process for ERP implementation.

Change Management:

The change of systems and processes ushered in during ERP implementation is one of the biggest challenges faced by client organizations. The process owners and managers of the old processes are reluctant to migrate to the new system – and this leads to resistance both within and outside the organization. Inspire Infosol plays a key role in the development and implementation of the Change Management Plan, working as an extension of the client’s team to ensure a smooth transition.

ERP Training:

ERP Implementation means that all process owners within the client organization must be on the same page. Through a well-planned process of using training session, courseware and other knowledge transfer tools to create “ERP Champions” within the organization. These champions will play a key role all across the implementation and go-live phases.

Design & Configuration:

Inspire Infosol guides not only the client but also the vendors in designing and configuring the ERP system in accordance with specific business requirements.

ERP Data Conversion:

Conversion of data is a critical activity as an organization migrates from the pre-ERP systems to ERP implementation. Inspire Infosol has the expertise to map a data strategy for the conversion of data files, and then work with the client’s IT team to carry out the data conversion.

Quality Control:

Inspire Infosol will design an effective development phase for testing the new system in a pilot environment that can be set up in the client’s conference room. We will also conduct extensive sessions for testing all processes and workflows.


After tracking the pilot testing, data migration and other pre-implementation activities, Inspire Infosol will play a key role during the actual Go-Live phase. Our support at this critical juncture includes user training and user documentation for the entire user community across the organization. It also works jointly on the cutover plan and ensures minimum disruption of operations during the Go-Live phase.

Delivery of Business Performance Improvements:

Once the ERP implementation is complete, Inspire Infosol helps organizations focus on the bigger picture: using the new metrics to drive improvements in business processes and business performance.

Our CRM Implementation Services

Our key services in this domain include:

Installation Support:

As a tech partner with significant domain expertise in CRM implementation, Inspire Infosol can help clients in the following areas:

Inspire Infosol offers such support using a hybrid model that includes both onsite and offsite resourcing.

Technical Environment Support:

Inspire Infosol offers configuration and functional expertise backed by strong analytical and problem-solving skills needed to create a technical environment in which the new system will be configured to support existing and new applications and business processes. Such support is particularly useful for complex client sites that involve pricing, promotions, accruals and multiple payment modes.

90-Day Check-up:

After the Go-Live phase, Inspire Infosol offers a 90-day support period for fine-tuning and optimizing the system based on ongoing business activities and data flows.


Inspire Infosol puts in place a team of experienced trainers to help the client teams align quickly and effectively with the CRM deployment process.


Inspire Infosol provides maintenance support to ensure that all programmes are compatible with new versions of operating systems and new hardware. Maintenance support also includes fixing generic bugs that may affect systems in the early stages of deployment.

Design & Solution Reviews:

These reviews form an integral part of the implementation process and Inspire Infosol supports clients in this area through a process that involves training; requirements gathering; updates; configuration; walkthrough; acceptance; and modifications.


User-friendly Approach and Work Style:

Inspire Infosol integrates with your team and becomes an extension of your organization, taking complete ownership of the solution development process.

Advanced Design Studio:

Inspire Infosol has a proven track record of delivering creativity and design excellence at par with global standards and benchmarks.

Best-in-Class Technology:

Inspire Infosol has extensive domain expertise in the tech solutions space. This makes us a well-rounded IT solutions and services partner for technology requirements in connection with UI/UX Solutions.