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Our Mobile App Development Overview

In a world in which everyone – including your customer – is on mobile, that’s where your business and your brand need to be too. The current wave in Marketing is focussed on creating mobile applications to deliver high brand engagement and drive higher levels of recall.

At Inspire Infosol, our domain expertise in Mobile Application Development helps customers create flawless apps that inform, engage and delight. We also help you choose the right technology – reducing costs and providing a light, quick application.


Native Mobile Apps

When you intend to use an application for a specific platform, it is referred to as native mobile app. If you know that your potential users are comfortable and loyal to a given mobile platform then the native mobile app would be the best choice. Apart from this, it also offers speed; an enhanced user experience; and quick development turnaround.

Web Apps to Mobile Apps

If you already have a fully functional website or web application and want to extend that experience to mobile platforms for your consumer, then this option is the right choice for you. Websites are restructured and designed to give a responsive experience based on the user’s device preference. Another typical scenario would be when your fully functional web application needs to be made available with similar functionality on a mobile device.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

With the high proliferation of mobile devices and the thinning loyalty of mobile platform preferences, you may choose a Hybrid Mobile Application. This is a cost-effective choice if you use a single language to build this. Cordova, Xamarin and PhoneGap are some of the technologies that we have used to develop hybrid mobile apps.

Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADP)

The choice of a Mobile Application Development Platform is based on several parameters:

Inspire Infosol has worked across diverse platforms including Android, iOS, Hybrid, Xamarin, CoreDova, PhoneGap and more.

Front-end Development Tools

User Interface (UI) is all about simplicity and intuitive usage of the application. To get this right, choosing the right front-end tools is a critical part of the process. These tools include HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, .Net and jquery to name a few. Inspire Infosol has worked extensively on all these front-end tools.

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Application Testing is an integral part of the development process at Inspire Infosol. We use cost-effective methodologies via emulators and simulators to carry out the testing process. We also run functional and UX tests to ensure that the mobile app is aligned with the marketing, communication and engagement needs of the product/service.

Our Mobile Apps Testing services also include the testing of mobile apps that are built elsewhere and require load testing, usability testing or any other domain-specific testing.


User-friendly Approach and Work Style:

Inspire Infosol integrates with your team and becomes an extension of your organization, taking complete ownership of the solution development process.

Advanced Design Studio:

Inspire Infosol has a proven track record of delivering creativity and design excellence at par with global standards and benchmarks.

Best-in-Class Technology:

Inspire Infosol has extensive domain expertise in the tech solutions space. This makes us a well-rounded IT solutions and services partner for technology requirements in connection with UI/UX Solutions.