Strategy Consulting

When your business has by-passed the insurgency mode and is seeping into inertia, you would look for ways and means to drive out of the lethargy. Business lethargy is a natural phenomenon when business goals are accomplished as faster pace than anticipated. However, if business lethargy sits within the organization for a longer duration, then competitive and environmental factors would be empowered to pull your business out of the market.

At Inspire, we are offering strategy consulting services for the top of the organization which will place your entire organization on a trajectory that will bring your business back in an insurgency mode.

Business Process Outsourcing

We have developed an approach that would help you repeat best practices to push the business processes in an outsourced environment. We see that, these processes not only help your internal team but also the account manager on-site and the client too. BPO has proved to increase turn around time and reduce costs. We help create processes into repeatable steps eliminating errors in final delivery. BPO consulting at Inspire Info Solutions includes services in finance & accounting, customer service & marketing, industrial operations and legal governance.

Research Process Outsourcing

With legal research, business research and IP research processes growing into consumable step-process, your research process recommendations can be built by our consulting team. We recognize and position your business within a strategy that suits either in a relationship model, transaction model or partnership model.

Nearshore & Outsourcing Consulting

With cultural, geographic, temporal, economic and political aspects affecting business decisions in the nearshore limits, we help through our consulting services in setting up IT processes in a nearshore consulting business. Our nearshore consulting activity is available for geographic business clusters of UK, USA and India.