Airlines, Travel & Tourism

Over the past decade the Aviation, Travel & Tourism sector has seen one of the most major digital transformations. Now, the time has come for us to prepare for the next wave of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Analytics. Airlines are required to run high-performing operations in order to enhance the customer experience. Adapting and utilizing advanced technologies can surely ensure such operational and administrative excellence through closer collaborative actions amongst all units: ground operations, crew scheduling, technical operations, flight planning, and customer service.

Solution Areas

Inspire Infosol has huge experience in the Airline industry. We have worked very closely with some airline companies and have excelled in providing technical and digital solutions.


Customer profiling

  • Providing machine learning solutions to ensure vast customer profiling.
  • Enabling customer segmentation in order to target them for appropriate marketing.
  • Using customer profiles for prospect acquisition testing.

Ancillary sales

  • Boosting up the ancillary sales by aligning processes and structures and automating them.
  • Differentiating ancillary content enhancing sales.
  • Customer retention and knowledge base creation with AI.

Customer valuation

  • Helping to enhance the digital aspect of the travel experience through services and value additions which may be pushed through smartphones and other wearables on the basis of real-time contextual information
  • Leveraging the power of peer-recommended influencer marketing strategies

Customer support

  • Providing FAQs and interactive conversational bots to enhance customer service and to help cater to the customers’ needs perfectly.

Disruption and crisis management

  • Installing sensors with machine learning in order to prevent mishaps at various operational levels or actual flight.
  • Adopting workforce management systems digitally which ensures early communication and management in difficult times.

Business analytics

  • Driving personalized marketing campaigns enhanced by analytics
  • Adopting Virtual Reality technologies to promote virtual journeys and simulate telepresence backed by travel-specific content.


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