With the help of digitalization, there is a boom in the lifestyle industry. Back in the day’s people were not aware of what was trending but now in the age of social media, you know what is in trend and what's outdated. Companies know how to keep track of people's activities online and offer them products according to their preferences. The Lifestyle sector is characterized by continually shortening product life cycles, very tight time-to-market cycles, and consumer tastes and preferences that change at a frenetic pace.

Moreover, customers now have multiple digital channels for encountering and engaging with lifestyle products and brands: television, mobile, web, social media, and online shopping spaces.

Solution Areas

On the basis of its in-depth expertise in the Lifestyle industry, Inspire Infosol has created accelerators that are specially designed to enable you to attain your retail goals. Our comprehensive eCommerce framework ‘GoDigital’ is versatile, readily adaptable, and capable of helping you meet the formidable challenges of the Lifestyle business by leveraging a mix of both traditional as well as digital channels.

Social connectivity

  • Building engaging in-store experiences through behavioral analytics, context-aware and location-based services, kiosks, interactive digital displays, and customer advisory tools to assist shop-floor staff
  • Powering marketing campaigns through automation along with analytics-driven targeted, personalized customer outreach and engagement programs


Creating a seamless, proactive omnichannel for customer support across Social Media, Mobile, Web, and traditional IVR aimed at delighting your customers and knowing them better in terms of choices, expectations, and shopping habits.


  • Develop and design apps for connectivity amongst a certain group or even with the Government.

Personal development

  • Designing apps and AI tools which increase productivity.


  • Operating a digital supply chain with the use of IoT sensors, RFID, and monitored devices to create a process-driven approach that is effective, reliable, and agile
  • Running advanced analytics for predicting customer behavior to facilitate effective up-sell and cross-sell
  • Migration of Apps to Cloud for significantly boosting their efficiency


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