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The media and entertainment industry is a rising tide in the ocean of digitization. It is a digital revolution sure to happen and marketers are reinventing a huge variety of media channels. Radio, print, and television have given way for more popular and latest mediums on various social media platforms and a variety of digital content. All across the Media & Entertainment sector, technology is redefining the way consumers consume content. The consumer experience is being transformed radically by multiple choices, multiple platforms, and multiple devices. Direct-to-consumer delivery formats have expanded the audience base and numerous Media & Entertainment producers are actively vying for a share of the enlarged pie. Media and entertainment companies need to refurbish their strategy for growth and diversification. Just mere development of Entertainment Softwares is also on the rise. There is constant innovation in media industry operations and delivery.

Solution Areas

As your tech partner, Inspire Infosol can help you ride this new wave. We can be a part of your roadmap for implementing digital transformation across your business: Here’s how…

Ticket booking and availability

  • Developing tools for booking tickets and check availability
  • Designing chatbots to help with the basic booking process.


  • Designing engaging software for online games.
  • Installing VR and AR to increase engagement and satisfaction amongst customers.


  • Empowering your organization with a cutting-edge product development framework based on agile development and cloud computing
  • Building an agile and customized Cloud designed to meet your enterprise-specific objectives; this includes handling Infrastructure and Security issues


  • Migration of Apps to Cloud for significantly boosting their efficiency
  • Monetizing content to build alternative revenue streams
  • Driving Innovation across the entire digital supply chain
  • Ensuring that content is compatible across multiple platforms and devices
  • Working with your organization to transform the content ecosystem in line with current market needs, consumer preferences and industry trends

Customer connectivity

  • Building engaging experiences through behavioral analytics, context-ware, and location-based services.
  • Enhancing the customer experience and engage with UI and UX.


  • Leveraging Social Media, Mobile, and Web along with traditional IVR to create a multipronged outreach to consumers/viewers
  • Optimizing the Media Supply Chain through cloud computing
  • Facilitating business decisions by providing in-depth Consumer and Content Analytics

Video streaming

  • Enhancing consumer experience with VR, AR, and high resolution streaming.


As the student/learning community becomes more digitally integrated and tech savvy, the Education industry faces a new challenge: to rapidly upgrade their curriculum, courseware, delivery systems and assessment

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