Retail & eCommerce

Leveraging its expertise in the Retail & eCommerce space, Inspire Infosol has created accelerators that are specially designed to enable you to attain your retail goals. Our comprehensive eCommerce framework ‘GoDigital’ is versatile, readily adaptable, and capable of helping you meet the formidable challenges of the Retail business using both – traditional as well as digital channels. Our team has huge experience in relationship management, business analytics, operations, and user collaborations. We understand how important innovation is to enable a retailer to lead with the latest trends, not be left behind.

Solution Areas

Inspire Infosol can help you in leveraging technology to handle these challenges. Here is a quick summary of the value addition that we can provide as you traverse the path charted in your digital transformation roadmap:


  • Partnering with companies to offer advantages like- being faster, innovative, and more profitable.
  • Offering end to end digitalization including full digitalization of the backend processes to ensure highly efficient cost structures.
  • Digitally enabling companies to create digitally heightened cross-border platforms.
  • Assisting companies to share logistics capabilities by shared warehouses and transport systems which can accelerate asset utilization.

Supply chain

  • Helping companies to collect more data and make it accessible through each and every step of the supply chain process, showing how managers can make better decisions with respect to worker engagement and revenue generation.
  • Automating supply chains to connect customers with their orders through digital innovations like real-time updates and tracking attributes.


  • Facilitating technical advisory and project management of various transit-related projects involving payments.
  • Securing the payment gateways and network involved in the payments ensuring safe transactions.


  • Allowing customers to track their orders in real-time, having timely updates.
  • Connecting customers with business with the help of chatbots to deliver quick solutions to queries regarding tracking.

Customer valuation

  • Integrating with business partners and customers to ensure quality transactions.
  • Enhancing customer experience in both B2B and B2C interactions.


  • Assisting with digital marketing tools to businesses to increase the interaction and proactively put the product out there.
  • Providing a timely analysis of how the marketing campaigns ran.
  • Installing chatbots to assist with customer service.


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