With technology emergence and its cascading acceptability in society at large, there is a mammoth scope to take education to the remotest areas for increasing awareness and improving understanding. The education sector is witnessing the increased use of technology such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and virtual reality in regular practices in this sector. Technology is redefining the way people learn; the paradigm of the learning experience is shifting – and the Education industry must align quickly with these new needs and expectations. Digitalization can help the educational industry in various ways, right from the creation of virtual classrooms and training programs with the help of teaching software and web-based training infosystems, also, things like attendance and management can be automatized with school management and attendance software.

Solution Areas

The world is learning, and we want to be a part of this. As your tech partner, Inspire Infosol can help you meet these challenges. Here is where we can help in your endeavor to implement the digital transformation of your business:



  • Adapting AI to various systems in order to research and learn.
  • Designing tools to assess, analyze, rectify, and finalize your readings.


  • Developing easy tools to get rid of the tiring physical admission procedures.
  • Designing chatbots to answer various FAQs asked by students.

Distance Education

  • Creating Virtual Classrooms with knowledge sharing via video content, audio content, and text chats
  • Ensuring that all courseware, modules, assessment tools, etc are compatible across multiple platforms and devices

E- learning

  • Creating the framework and architecture for a Digital Knowledge Ecosystem
  • Creating a robust web-based Learning Management System
  • Migration of Apps to Cloud for significantly boosting their efficiency
  • Powering your student outreach initiatives through automation of campaigns and by creating analytics-driven targeted, personalized engagement platforms


  • Building frameworks to analyze the effectiveness of learning systems and specifically targeted interventions leveraging Social Media, Mobile, and Web to create a multipronged outreach to the student/learner community
  • Developing digital assessment tools that facilitate quicker response and feedback
  • Monetizing knowledge resources to build new revenue streams


  • Developing apps for behavioral training.
  • Designing tools to assess and address issues.
  • Installing chatbots for quick response to emergency situations.
  • Developing E- counseling tools that are safe and ethical.


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