The manufacturing industry is undergoing amazing fourth evolution powered by technological breakthroughs like intelligent networks, connecting machines, the Internet of Things (IoT), systems, and work that can independently interchange commands and data, control each other and initiate actions. Recent manufacturing emphasizes smart production processes as well as intelligent products and also on horizontally and vertically integrated manufacturing systems.

Solution Areas

The digitalization of manufacturing is changing how products are fabricated, designed, used, and serviced, just as it’s changing the processes, operations, and energy footprint of the supply chain and factories.Inspire can help align your business and your manufacturing operations with such tech solutions

Digital supply chain

  • Streamlining and optimizing processes through Supply Chain Management solutions
  • Digitizing the manufacturing value chain by leveraging intelligent supply chains, connected services, responsive manufacturing and also by RPA Application in Manufacturing.

Smart factories

  • Transforming manufacturing operations using automation, product scheduling, analytics and diagnostics
  • Managing engineering systems, assets, contracts, product development and shop-floor efficiency

Servitization and new business models

  • Integrating back-end systems with other business applications like Warehouse Management,  Material Management systems, and Manufacturing Process Automation.
  • Laying the foundations for creating the ‘Factory of the Future’

Additive manufacturing

  • Leveraging digital technologies to drive cloud-based infrastructure, analytics, wireless connectivity, and IoT compatibility
  • Building frameworks that foster innovation and breakthroughs in manufacturing and product design/development

Logistics and transportation

  • Partnering with companies to offer advantages like- being faster, innovative, and more profitable. 
  • Offering end to end digitalization including full digitalization of the backend processes to ensure highly efficient cost structures.
  • Digitally enabling companies to create digitally heightened cross-border platforms.
  • Assisting companies to share logistics capabilities by shared warehouses and transport systems which can accelerate asset utilization.


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