A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life.

― John Wooden


CoachBuddy is our online career exploration platform that connects students, experts, and counselors. Our step-by-step process provides children all over the world with detailed reports on career choices that are best suited to their abilities and ambitions.


Our aim is to unravel unlimited opportunities to help students plan and achieve their career goals. This is provided with the help of moderated sessions through Expert Webinar series, one-on-one mentoring, podcasts, videos, and career immersion workshops. 


We inspire learning by creating an immersive experience through career exploratory labs for students so they can step ahead to their future with clarity. 

If you are a student, expert, or counselor, check out our online career exploration platform today.



The customers of today are smarter with the number of choices available to them in the market. With Brand 360, our panoramic brand management platform, we capture social trends and competitive information across the digital universe so that you do not lose out on your reach.


Brand 360 has successfully unified social listening along with campaign and influencer management. It validates social impact with a ‘score’ that provides enhanced visibility for influencers and improved ROI for brands.

We provide an opportunity for brands and influencers to collaborate and create memorable customer experiences.


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We provide a full suite of consulting and technical support to shorten time to market, improve efficiency and unlock new revenue streams.