With analytics capabilities and ever-evolving technology, healthcare is on the verge of a data-driven transformation. However, while most of the other industries are capturing the ample potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize their work, healthcare also has now started to leverage these next-generation capabilities and tools. The Healthcare sector is now raising its digital trajectory in order to capitalize on the opportunities of this leading-edge analytics era.

Solution Areas

At Inspire, our business process re-engineering expertise and our new-age healthcare solution implementation capabilities are perfectly aligned to address these challenges. In particular, we can help our clients leverage digital data, automate processes, interconnect value chains, and create omnichannel customer interfaces.


Pharmaceutical IoT

  • Enabling preventive maintenance of pharmaceutical devices.
  • Installing AI to control the drug manufacturing environment.


  • Creating digital workflows within operations through electronic health records, mobile health, and telemedicine
  • Creating integrated platforms that capture, store and analyse information from multiple sources and touch points

Doctor reachability

  • Leveraging Cloud Computing to unify disparate technologies with a single platform that is connected through the network; the platform leverages analytics and automation for action and response across the system
  • Creating agile and policy-based platforms for integration.
  • Creating mobile-based applications for easy access to healthcare providers and booking appointments with them.

Preventive medicine

  • Designing on-demand health services using mobile platforms and other digital technologies.

Digital Supply chain

  • Streamlining and optimizing processes through Supply Chain Management solutions


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